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Hood Protector Hood Protector

Formfit GMC Sierra 1500 (07-13); HD 2500/3500 Duramax Diesel (07-10); HD 2500/3500 Gas (07-14) Paintable Tough Guard

Item#: TS23A07

  • Satin black finish available with smooth or swirl textured look.
  • Matches OEM and aftermarket fender flares and other components.
  • OEM quality design rests on the mounting hardware.
  • No contact between the deflector and the hood.
  • Each application is precision-fit to your specific vehicle. No cutting or modifications required before installation.
  • Made in Canada.

USD$ 199.67

Fitment Details

GMC Sierra 1500 (07-13); HD 2500/3500 Duramax Diesel (07-10); HD 2500/3500 Gas (07-14) Paintable Tough Guard

Part#: TS23A07

Product Details

Smooth Tough Guards are made from high impact ABS co-extruded with an acrylic top layer for a superior appearance. ABS is the durable material used in pickup box liners, running boards and tailgate protectors. Acrylic is the material in your taillights and headlights and provides a surface finish that will never fade, discolor or get chalky looking. Tough Guards have a satin sheen, so they have the high quality appearance of your dash, console and door panels, with the toughness of your running boards. Even if your truck doesn't have fender flares, the Tough Guard looks rugged and suits almost every truck. This smooth surface Tough Guard will match unpainted fender flares on your truck and are also perfect for painting. The acrylic top layer (and the ABS underneath) are both perfect substrates for painting. Since they are smooth, they require minimal preparation before painting. If you wish to paint them, Tough Guard recommend you follow all the instructions provided by the paint manufacturer or have a professional paint them for you. Also available in a Textured surface

Warranty: 5 years

Country: Canada

Product Specification

  • Finish Textured
  • Material ABS Co-extruded With Acrylic Top Layer
  • Color Black

Weight: 2.10 lbs

Box Size: 10.00 X 6.00 X 65.00 in

Additional Information

Focus Auto Design is a Canadian company founded in 1987 specializing in restyling and protective automotive products. Our roots started out selling our accessories to niche aftermarkets across North America. With products made of higher quality materials and using local labour, we committed to a high quality standard. Our products have continually improved due to our continuous demonstration and practice of 5 core values we expect from all Focus Auto employees; Improvement, Professionalism, Dedication, Be a Team Player and Enjoy the Ride. Despite our offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants all growing in terms of size and production, we've managed to sustain our core company values while delivering the same sense of "neighbourly" service and gratitude to all our partners in business. New product development has always been of high importance to us, whether we're improving the technology of existing products or bringing innovation to our customers, we see it as the backbone of any great firm, providing new growth and value for not only ourselves, but in return our customers as well.